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A Passion for Games

Founded in 2013, BGDC is a welcoming and supportive place for people passionate and creative about games. We strive to unlock the potential of the game development industry in Indonesia through education, public events and member activities.

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BGDC Minecraft Skyblock

BGDC Minecraft Skyblock. Credit: Xevi

Omega Strikers Gathering

Gathering: Omega Strikers

BGDC Ikea Raid 2022

BGDC Ikea Raid 2022


Community is the lifeblood of BGDC. Join a vibrant and diverse collection of enthusiasts who love to share their many passions. Connect with fellow writers, designers, artists, programmers and more, some of which have industry experience. Bond with monthly member gatherings and subcommunities. There's a little something for everyone here.


As a Binus UKM, we hold yearly events to further our vision and mission, from mentoring programs to webinars to indie game festivals: our contributions to Indonesia's game development industry. For members, it's a fantastic opportunity to level up critical soft skills and hard skills, and to have fun working together.

Webinar IGF 2022: Insight on Indonesia's Game Industry

Webinar IGF 2022: Insight on Indonesia's Game Industry

Skill Up!


One-time price. Unlimited access to mentors and classes for all skillsets, forever*.

*As long as BGDC exists.

Game Design
Game Design

Get Creative

Discover the essence of what makes games great. Learn about mechanics, story, balance and other key design concepts through vivid case studies.

Game Programming
Game Programming

It's Alive!

Bring games to life in 2D and 3D with the Unity game engine and the C# programming language.

2D Art & Animation
2D Art & Animation

Any Pen, Any Paper

Our 2D class tutors on 2-dimensional fundamentals, background, character design, and implementing them into Unity.

3D Art & Animation
3D Art & Animation

Sculpt the World

Our 3D class tutors modelling with Blender, from the bottom up! Includes objects, environments, characters, and how to import them in Unity.

Game Sound
Game Sound

Hey, Listen!

Compose music and sound effects with Audacity and Ableton. Experiment with various themes and techniques for that immersive player experience.

Create and Publish Games

Talent Group

Develop a game with a team from ideation to publishing. No experience required.

Shadow of the Relics

QuantumGlyph Studio | Batch 6

Shadow of the Relics-screenshot1
Shadow of the Relics-screenshot2
Shadow of the Relics-screenshot3
Shadow of the Relics-screenshot4
Shadow of the Relics-screenshot5

In a world of shadows and secrets, meet Ucup — a thief like no other. For years stealing things with finesse has been Ucup's bread & butter. But life takes a twist when he learns that the things he's stolen belong to his master, Lupin. Yet it was too late to return it since the prized treasures are now in the hands of the Sinister Shadows. For once our main character, who has been stealing all his life, would use his skills for good. Join Ucup's journey to collect the stolen relics in this 2D side-scrolling platforming adventure game.

Yami Hop

Pink Salamander Productions | Batch 6

Yami Hop-screenshot1
Yami Hop-screenshot2
Yami Hop-screenshot3
Yami Hop-screenshot4
Yami Hop-screenshot5
Yami Hop-screenshot6

In this game, the player takes on the character named Yami. She receives a strange vision that she believes to be her mother calling her to the surface. Before she has a chance to reach out, her vision gets increasingly blurry as she wakes up from her slumber. Determined, she has set a new goal to reach the surface to follow the vision that she saw, as she tries to search for her long-lost mother. She gathers all her items along with her trusty staff to try to escape the underworld.

Highway Core

Lifelessplay Productions | Batch 5

Highway Core-screenshot1
Highway Core-screenshot2
Highway Core-screenshot3

You are in the middle of a busy highway filled with trucks and cars. Shoot your way through an infinite horde of enemies with the various weapons that you can use! Can you set the highest score out of everyone else?

Find Us at Expo!

  • Get to Know BGDC

    29th August 2023 | 19:00 - 20:30

    BGDC-curious? Have all your questions answered in this live online session with us!

  • Talent Group Showcase I

    30th August 2023 | 19:00 - 20:30

    Talent Group is BGDC's ultimate game dev program. Three teams will share how they went from drawing board to finished game in just three months, and how you could do it too. Ask them anything!

  • Talent Group Showcase II

    31st August 2023 | 19:00 - 20:30

    Talent Group is BGDC's ultimate game dev program. Three teams will share how they went from drawing board to finished game in just three months, and how you could do it too. Ask them anything!

  • Coffee Talk

    1st September 2023 | 19:00 - 20:30

    Grab a coffee (or tea) and tune in to our expo finale. Coffee Talk is a gathering format where we come together to chat, share experiences and have a good time. Come sit with us?

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Balkon Lantai 3 (#8)

position of BGDC in kemanggisan expo

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Atrium Lantai 4 (#23)

position of BGDC in bandung expo

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GOR Alam Sutera (#35)

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